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Welcome To HI-REL Components And Rugged Systems

About Us

Hi-Rel Components and Rugged Systems serve the Embedded, Industrial and Digital markets with Innovative applied computer and display solutions. At our Technology Centre, we help define your needs, build and integrate the required solution and support you on the implementation.

Hi-Rel’s competencies are based on the highly qualified and richly experienced team of engineers and business executives. We offer standard products and customized solutions for the market segments like Defense, Transportation, Automation, Machinery, Medical and Education.

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A globally recognized company for the products      & services we deliver.
A great electronic packaging center and a      complete system integrator.
An exemplary place to work with values, global      culture & standards
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Work committedly to provide end-to-end solution with faster implementation at competitive pricing in the fields of electronics, hardware and software components to our clients, while being a valued partner to our suppliers.

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